4. - 6. May 2018
Registration begins November 2017

Concert Doodles and Podium Paris

Czech and French gay men choruses singing both classical and pop songs. Lots of fun guaranteed!

Gate money will be donated to Czech AIDS Help Society - Prague based NGO active in the field of HIV prevention and awareness: "Czech AIDS Help Society was established in 1989 as a self-support initiative of PLWHIV, their friends and families with the aim to support PLWHIV in their daily lives. During its existence the NGO extended its goals and is currently also very active in the field of HIV prevention and awareness, and policy advocacy - many of these new services are provided directly or with support of PLWHIV. In the late 90's the NGO opened a social center Dum svetla (the Lighthouse) that provides anonymous and free of charge HIV testing and shelter accommodation services to PLWHIV. We run on-site HIV/AIDS counseling service in Prague and Ostrava, a national toll-free HIV/AIDS hotline and organize topical awareness campaigns. Recently, the NGO started providing also legal assistance to PLWHIV that were discriminated in relation to their diagnosis and we run anti-stigmatization campaigns. Our activities are financed from grants, donations, fees and our own activities." (https://www.aids-pomoc.cz/information-in-english.html). 

Doodles was founded in September 2011 in Prague. Thanks to the broad musical tastes our repertoire includes a colourful palette of musical genres, such as Renaissance music, folk songs, classical men’s chorus music from the 19th and 20th centuries, opera, spirituals, musicals, famous melodies from the Beatles, or 80s and 90s pop. The choir sings a capella as well as with accompaniment, and some of the songs even have choreography. (http://doodles.cz/en/)

Créé en 2005, Podium Paris réunit depuis ses débuts un peu plus de cinquante choristes.
Dirigé par Pauline Pfeiffer (cheffe de chœur diplomée),Podium Paris est LE chœur Gay de Variété de la capitale.
Des arrangements originaux créés pour notre choeur de 4 voix d'hommes
De la convivialité pendant et hors répétitions
Un spectacle musical annuel avec :
Des costumes, des décors, du maquillage
Des lumières
Des "choralographies"
Beaucoup d'humour et d'émotions
C'est tout l'esprit de Podium Paris .....
Porté par ses voix, le chœur offre à de multiples occasions, une visibilité à la communauté homosexuelle et lutte contre toutes les formes de discriminations.
Podium Paris est partenaire et adhérent de SOS Homophobie.
Podium Paris est membre du Centre LGBT Paris IdF, de l’Inter LGBT et de Legato (Lesbian and Gay Together, association européenne des chœurs LGBT).
Podium Paris a collaboré aux "Voix contre le SIDA" et apporté son soutien à l’APGL (Association des Parents et futurs parents Gays et Lesbiens). (http://www.podiumparis.fr/podium/index.php?)