September 19th, 2020
End of Summer Edition

Outreach programme

(If you want to donate to the Outreach Program scroll down for information.) 

Dear participants,

Alcedo Praha, Aquamen Prague wants diverse people to enjoy the Prague Rainsbow Spring tournaments.

Therefore, similarly to previous years, we offer an Outreach subsidy for individuals in specific social situations who cannot afford to pay full registration fee. Eligible persons are full time students and LGBT parents (taking "fulltime" care of children). 

At this moment, we cannot guarantee a fix amount for an individual person. The Outreach budget is dependent on the amount of participants at Prague Rainbow Spring and on other donations. Once we know the number of participants and the amount of donations to the tournament, the full pot will be distributed to those who apply. Therefore, you have to apply in advance and submit relevant documents directly to sport coordinator - until April 1st, after that, till April 10th, you will be notified by the organizers if you are eligible and what extent would be covered from the Outreach Program. 

In exceptional cases, if you are not able to provide relevant documents in advance, the Outreach will be distributed at registration upon presenting a valid documents if relevant (e.g. student's card, child care allowance, etc.). The documents can be provided in English, German, Czech, Slovak, Russian or Spanish. Any other languages need to be officially translated.

Donate to Outreach Program: If you wish to support other participaiting students or LGBT parents, you can tick donate at registration form. If you wish to contribute more, please contact oranizators (

Enjoy Praue Rainbow Spring