3. - 5. May 2019
Registration begins in Winter 2018


  • You can find the actual start list here

  • Final results are here

Disciplines and their order

Aquamen Prague team presents the Swimming competition. The swimming event will take place in 50m swimming pool, Aquacentrum Sutka. http://www.sutka.eu

  • 50m freestyle
  • 200 m breaststroke
  • 100 m backstroke
  • 200 m individual medley
  • 50 m butterfly
  • 400 m freestyle
  • 50 m breaststroke
  • 4x50 m medley relay men

  • Break

  • 50m backstroke
  • 200m freestyle
  • 100 m butterfly
  • 100 m breaststroke
  • 100 m freestyle
  • 4x50 m freestyle relay men
  • 8x50 freestyle relay- Mix - Fun Relay

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The meeting is open to all swimmers aged 20 years and over as of 31st December 2019.

  • Age on 31st December 2018 will determine age group
  • Individual event age groups are in standard FINA Masters categories in five-year increments: A: 25-29, B: 30-34, C: 35-39, Di: 40-44, E: 45-49, F: 50-54, G: 55-59, H: 60-64, I: 65-69, etc.
  • Swimmers younger than 25 years will be placed to category 0
  • Relay event age groups are as follows: 0-119, 120+, 160+
  • Organizer can change number age groups in relay competition based on number of registered relays
  • Swimmers may enter any number of individual events and all relays
  • All relay swimmers must register individually for the meet
  • Heats will be placed from slowest to fastest, regardless of age groups and sex. Swimmers who have not registered an entry time will swim in the first heats
  • A one-start procedure will be used; a false start charge will automatically disqualify the swimmer from the event
  • The heat-declared winner will be decided on that time and place. There are no finals. Medals will be awarded to individuals and teams placed first, second and third in each age group and sex
  • Timekeeping will be done by Omega or by hand
  • Protests should be submitted in writing to the competition director
  • Registration of individuals and relays ends on 20th April 2019; changes in the relay teams may be made until 1 hour before the start of the competition

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